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1. Is my appliance worth fixing? 
Most customers will choose to repair if the cost is going to be less than 50% of the cost to replace the item. My service fee to diagnose is $59 which is also applied towards the repair if you do decide to repair your appliance. Many times the customer is able to provide me a short description of the problem verbally and I can diagnose via telephone at no charge.

2. My dishwasher is overflowing with soap suds, why does this happen?  
Sometimes from prewashing a dish or pan before placing it in the dishwasher some dish soap can get left on the pan and then gets inside the dishwasher. The type of soap will suds up and is difficult to get out of the dishwasher one it is in there. The easiest way to fix this problem is to add some vegetable oil into the bottom of the dishwasher and run a normal cycle for about five minutes and then cancel the cycle. This will give the soap something to attach to keeping it from sudsing up and allowing it to drain out with the water.

3. What type of guarantee do you give? 
I give a one year guarantee on all parts and labor. If your appliance breaks again within that one year timeframe and it is related to the previous repair or replacement part you pay nothing.
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